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Clatter Chatter is one of the fastest growing digital media marketing agency that helps brands connect socially with their target customers.

Social and digital media channels and platforms are used to converse, interact and inform customers. Every second our brain is bombarded with more than 4 billion bits of information. However, only 2000 bits of information per second catches our attention. Clatter Chatter’s structured interventions ensure your social media marketing initiatives stand out. We ensure your messaging is simple, interesting, and informative yet eye catchy enough to slip though the brain filter.

The ability of social media to foster a two-way conversation is unique. This allows consumers to express their sentiments online. This interaction is imperative to understanding brand reputation. Also, it helps us drive a successful and targeted social media advertising campaign. Most importantly, we strive to make digital marketing and advertising fun for both the brands and their customers.

Clatter Chatter’s structured interventions ensure your social media marketing initiatives stand out.

Our customized graphics and branding of each message helps achieve our communication goals


Monitoring and Measurement

Every post, tweet or ad can engage the customer and result in responses with expressions. Knowing this, a business must ask how much talk is about their brand. What is the consumer sentiment? At Clatter Chatter, we continuously monitor sentiments for our clients to understand their customers’ pain points. What they love and ideas on […]

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Website Development

In a digital world, the website defines the image of a brand. A well designed website makes a company look professional. Conversely, a poor design shows a lack of professionalism.  Our website designers are experienced at building any type of website with customized designs to match your business needs.   For us, it is imperative […]

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Platform Management

A business runs the risk of not being credible without a well-managed online and social footprint. The footprint is the essence of an online brand image. We make sure the social media channels and platforms are carefully selected based on our client’s communication strategy. Content is developed across the various platforms to create a footprint […]

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Reputation Management

Social media is engineered to support our natural social inclinations.  Unlike traditional marketing focused on a broadcast approach, social media is a two-way channel allowing consumers to respond and express themselves. Often the customer responses show support and adoration for the product or brand. We make sure that this loyalty is acknowledged and recognized. However, […]

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Content Creation

Ever second our brain is bombarded with more than 4 billion bits of information. Filters in our brain control the information flow so that only approximately 2,000 bits per second can pass through. Content should be appealing enough to make it through those filters. At Clatter Chatter, we have developed core principles that all our […]

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Brand Strategy

Clatter Chatter ensures social media is aligned and integrated with our clients overall marketing strategy. Accordingly, we define key social media strategy components including: ·      Marketing objectives ·      Target audience ·      Communication medium and style ·      Social media applications ·      Graphics ·      Content We believe that these social media characteristics combine to deliver a very powerful marketing platform. It offers an […]

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Our Team

Neha Chaku Tankha

Founder & CEO

Seema Govil

Media and PR Director

Luciana Schause Zung

Brand Director

Palvinder Jagait

Ad Director

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